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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MWVA Pepsi Refresh Everything & KIMT News Channel 3

Please Vote DAILY for MWVA and our Pepsi Refresh Project View KIMT News Channel 3: Pepsi Refresh Heart Disease

Jennifer Moreen and I  want to raise awareness of something exciting that is happening in the month of November. Midwest Women's Vascular Advocates has applied for a Pepsi Refresh Everything Grant, and I am excited to announce that our application was accepted. Now for the hard part, getting people to vote. The grant is a popularity contest, and the top 10 applicants (those with the most votes)  in our grant category of $50K will receive the grant. Our goal is to try and spread awareness to our mission as well as get daily votes from the public. 
Non-inflammatory vascular disease can affect anyone, it does not discriminate. Men, women and children are being diagnosed everyday yet the support for women is minimal.
MWVA applied for a Pepsi Refresh Everything grant to so that we could continue with our mission. The importance of this group really hit home in the past week when 3 of our members became hospitalized with stroke, arterial dissection and heart problems. Our support group has grown, and will continue to grow as more women are being diagnosed. Not only do we support these women, we offer support to the whole family.
Our mission: To support and educate women affected by FMD and non-inflammatory vascular diseases has been solely supported through volunteerism. 
Yes, this is a popularity contest which will bring awareness to unpopular disease!
ADVOCATE: Change thousands of lives by supporting those with FMD.
EDUCATION: about 3-5% of the population has FMD, most undiagnosed
To provide Advocacy and Education at no charge to those afflicted. Help fund research for those afflicted with FMD
Plan: Hold meetings twice a year with potential to increase depending on group needs. The meetings will consist of open discussions, guest speakers and workshops. The meeting will give everyone, including family members, the opportunity to learn more about vascular disease, to ask questions, and to exchange their personal stories and feelings. Provide meetings free of charge.
Web Site Goal: Educating and peer support/mentoring for women, with the possibility of expanding into non-profit 501c (3) organization promoting public awareness of women’s vascular disease.
How will the 50K be Used? 
$ 6,000 Stipends for qualified speakers and experts 
$ 6,000 Educational materials, conference expenses 
$ 4,000 start up costs non-profit, employees, ie grant fundraising,accountant 
$ 4,000 communications- computers, phone, equipment 
$ 15,000 International Patient Registry at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
$ 15,000 Mayo Clinic FMD Biorepository, Vascular Study
Ways to vote: Log into Pepsi Refresh and Vote Daily until Nov 30th Here:
Vote from your mobile phone: Text* 103887 toPepsi (73774) *Standard text messaging rates apply.
Contact us: Founder: Kari Ulrich or Founder: Jennifer Moreen :

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