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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rare Disease Day 2013

I have not blogged in awhile, but today has been an incredible day! I have little energy to write so here is my video blog:
Thank you President Obama for addressing rare disease with our nation!

To my elected officials:
President Obama
Representative Walz
Senator Franken
Senator Klobuchar

We need funding for Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD)/ Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
(EDS) National Institute on Aging/NIH's Connective Tissue Disorders;
Clinical and Molecular Manifestations of Heritable, Disorders of
Connective Tissue Study, Principal Investigator: Nazli McDonnell, M.D.,

Please support rare disease research.

Warmest Wishes on Rare Disease Day 2013!

Kari Ulrich

Fibromuscular Dysplasia and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome