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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Her Eyes, Written by Irene Orhbom- For Ashleigh

Ashleigh Botha of South Africa 

Her eyes are calling,
calling out to me.
Her eyes speak volumes,
that words could never describe.
Her eyes are gentle,
yet pleading.
Searching to those who walk the path before her.
Her eyes spring a spark within me,
Calling me into action.
For I am one of those who walk before her.
Her eyes bring me to tears.
For I am called to step out and
put aside my fears.
To walk the path that I have been called to walk.
Seeking out the answers
to the questions that need to be asked.
Her eyes are my inspiration.
Keep me walking even in the darkness,
of the unknown.
Keep me walking for those
who walk behind.

- Edna Irene Ohrbom-

Ashleigh Botha is a young girl from South Africa with a progressive form of Fibromuscular Dysplasia. To read more about Ashleigh and her journey please visit:

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