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Monday, October 18, 2010

Which would you prefer, accessibility to your medical record or more privacy of your medical record? and why?

Dr. Brian Goldman Emergency physician at Mount Sinai Hospital and Host of CBC Radio One's White Coat, Black Art will be discussing this issue on his next show.

You can follow Dr. Goldman on twitter:!/WCBADoctorBrian

I recently posted this question to facebook, here is one response:

"good topic to discuss - I'd prefer accessibility - the hospital I work for automatically sends copies of all reports and diagnostics to their patients - I wished all would."

I have to agree, as a patient I feel it is vital to have my medical records available to all medical professionals who could potentially need them for my care.

My experience as a past ER nurse, is that not every emergency room physician thinks that it is necessary. Some believe that they would not treat an emergency any different, that knowing your medical background does not change an emergent situation. What are your thoughts? Feedback is welcome here :)

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