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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Patient Movement

Last night was a challenging night for me. I have been off social media for sometime. Oh I will pop on here and there but mostly I have taken a step back.

Tomorrow morning I am scheduled for a test, which as a patient with a chronic illness I am use to. But this test requires me to be off all my medication for several days except my blood pressure meds. I forgot how bad my daily symptoms are without these meds. I have a better appreciation for pharma, because without these medications my quality of life would be a constant struggle.

Back to the topic... The Patient Movement. I thought during my night hours of dealing with my symptoms I would visit twitter. I wanted to get my mind off of what I was going through. What I read at first made me angry, then very sad and disappointed.

So I spoke up. I spoke up publicly and called out 2 doctors for reprehensible behavior. Yes, these doctors have been called out before, and one has a disclaimer basically stating to read his tweets at your own risk.

If I look back at my tweet history I think there was a time I actually defended one of the docs stating they needed an outlet too. I was naive.

Well what I read last night left me feeling vulnerable as a patient. So, I know I can't change the behavior of these two doctors only they can. I just hope they take the time an consider what they say in public does impact patients. It impacted me. I hope I never have to cross paths with these two doctors, but how will I know? They hide behind being anonymous. They are cowards. It is time for them to choose a new profession.

Funny thing is they both have a lot of followers both patients and doctors, what does that say for the patient movement?

my personal fave: The Gram stain of phlegm from AIDS pt with pneumonia... showed SPERM.


  1. Kari,
    Patients may follow these docs bc they provide nuggets of truth to feed on, or bc they want to feel (and be seen) as part of the clique. There's a lot of cliquishness in SoMe, just like real life. Normal human behavior, though annoying to many. And a lot has been written about Docs being anonymous in SoMe, mostly negative. I don't follow any; chances are they have an ax to grind. That said, I've always found it easy to ignore those who I don't agree with, and in the ine case where a non-anonymous doc became hostile to me I hit "Block and reort Spam". Never heard from him again.

  2. Great advice and well received. Thank you. Learned a valuable lesson in social media today. So valuable I wanted my children to learn from it, they read every post. And I must say, I am proud of there responses it lead to a conversation on being tolerant and respectful.

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